Volunteer Project in Guatemala



This project is an orphanage that is home to over 250 children. In an effort to be financially self-sufficient, they operate a nearby Backpackerís hostel. This long-term volunteer program offers opportunities for travelers looking to make a difference in the world. The program exists to fulfill a mission of providing a loving home, education, nutritional and healthcare to hundreds of children. It is a place for them to eat and grow, play and laugh, and to be loved, and nurtured. It is a place where they can forget about hunger and pain, and remember how to smile.


Your position will depend on the length of time you are committing to and the skills that you bring with you as a volunteer. Generally, the volunteers are divided into four groups: teachers, house supervisors, activity coordinators and toddler caretakers.

Depending on your skills and interests, you will be helping out in the following tasks:

  • Helping in the English Classes
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Story time in the Library
  • Computer lessons
  • Working with the Kindergarten classes
  • Helping with the gym classes
  • Working with the Agriculture classes
  • Helping the kids with homework
  • Sharing your love and attention

All volunteers are obligated at some point in their stay to help at the hostel.


Volunteers from around the world are welcome to volunteer at this project. To make sure that you get the most out of the experience we recommend the following:

  • An open mind in working with different cultures and with limited resources
  • Patience and respect for the children, staff and fellow volunteers
  • A strong work ethic
  • Minors must have parental consent and adult supervision
  • For this long-term placement, only volunteers over 24 yrs old can be accepted.


The minimum time to volunteer at this project is 3 months. In case this project interest you but you only have a few weeks time to spend, you can choose to do a short-term placement at the same location. Please check with us for further information.


It is very important to have a basic to intermediate level of Spanish in order to work at this project. If you cannot get by conversationally, we recommend you to take a Spanish course before starting the project.