Thank you for visiting Volunteer Work in Latin America. We know that you are about to embark on an experience of a lifetime and one that you will never forget. Living and working in a Latin American country will open up doors to improve your Spanish, make life long friendships, and open your eyes to a completely different world. You will see firsthand what it is like to live without the luxuries that you may be accustomed to and embrace a different life style. We do not expect you to change the world, but with an open mind and a generous heart, you can make a difference.

Whether you are capable of giving financially, or through sharing your unique talents with those around you, beautiful things can happen. We have seen firsthand, former volunteers organize fundraisers in order to pay for life-saving healthcare for a child with cancer. Others have financed the construction of toilets and showers for projects who can now give children a more sanitary environment. Many volunteers decide to stay longer so they can help build a new school, encourage a student in their studies to improve their education, or spread Santa Claus cheer at Christmas to children living on the streets. We understand that this will not change the world overnight, but it is amazing to see what a smile, a hug, and a little bit of love can do. Over the years we have seen people return back to Latin America with families and friends so they may share their life changing experiences with them.

We are very excited to introduce you to Latin America, where imagination comes alive and you become an inspiration to others. We have many years of experience working in this field and we know best what it is that you are looking for while making this important decision. Everything is organized and taken care of up to the tiniest detail so that you can be worry free as you set sail for your journey! Last, but not least, we guarantee that 50 percent of the fee paid to our organization will be used for donations towards the project you will be working at.

We are fluent in Spanish, English and Dutch and with offices in the Netherlands, Spain, Peru and Argentina, we are proud to be part of the global community. With contacts in countries all over the world, you will never feel alone. It gives us great pleasure to be the ones to make this once in a lifetime experience happen for you.