Volunteer Project in Argentina



This volunteer project in Argentina is located in the neighborhood San Cristobal in Buenos Aires and it offers a home and recreational aid for children with varied experiences of abuse. The children range from 2 18 years old and all of them except for the oldest live in the home. It is a flexible open space, with bedrooms, kitchen, double garden, library and upstairs office space. Most of the children go to school during the morning, so volunteers mainly work during the afternoon, but help is also needed to take care of and play with the babies.


As a foreign volunteer assistant you will help with the daily household tasks, entertain the children in between the classes and/or the pre-school children who are younger. You will organize games, activities and workshops; interact with the children, give them attention and show them love.

Sometimes you can practice a certain language with them. Saturday is often an outdoor-activities day and fundraising or integration ideas have been presented by previous volunteers. This kind of initiative is very much appreciated. Also organizing a creative or educational workshop about the importance of hygiene/ sports/ eating fruit and vegetables, etc. would be a great project for volunteers.


It is important to take initiative and come up with your own ideas to entertain the children. It is also necessary to work independently without getting commands or specific tasks.

Volunteers should show interest and enthusiasm and understand that children may be shy and need time to get comfortable with a new volunteer.


It is recommended to commit to a period of 4 weeks when working for this social volunteer program in Argentina.

Work Schedule:

Volunteers at this home in Buenos Aires will usually work 3 or 4 times a week and 2/3 hours per day.


Your level of Spanish should be high beginner. Please inform about the possibility to take a Spanish course in Buenos Aires before starting this project.