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Becoming a volunteer in South America is an exciting and rewarding experience that will change your life. Prepare before you travel by researching each of the Latin American countries that you are interested in doing volunteer work in. Some specialize in certain types of volunteer jobs more so than others so it is important to be informed.

4 Cultural Tips to Prepare Yourself for Volunteering in Peru

Wednesday October 11, 2017 - Posted by
4 Cultural Tips to Prepare Yourself for Volunteering in Peru

4 Cultural Tips to Prepare Yourself for Volunteering in Peru

Communication between people in general, and maybe especially between people of diverse cultural backgrounds, comprises much more than simply verbal cues.

Hidden cultural differences in attitudes and behavior often cause a great deal of misunderstanding and friction. Understanding and embracing these differences could mean the difference between a wonderful and enlightening trip to Latin America, and a nightmare experience!

While there are many ways in which your culture and that of Peru may be similar, there will be several aspects that differ (and sometimes drastically!). As an expat and former volunteer in Peru, I have had to overcome these growing pains myself. Two years ago I came to this beautiful country to Volunteer in Peru and I experienced a culture far different from my own, yet in a way that was exciting, refreshing and maddening all at the same time.

Prepare for Volunteer Work in Latin America

In order to help you to prepare for your Volunteer Work in Latin America, I will talk about four ways that the Latin American culture (or, more specifically, the Peruvian culture ) differs from people from Europe and the United States. Prepare yourself for a great experience and check out our tips to best embrace the rich Latin American culture, especially here in the Land of the Incas!


11 Oct

Why volunteering is the Best Thing that Happened to Me

Monday October 31, 2016 - Posted by
Why volunteering is the Best Thing that Happened to Me

Why volunteering is the Best Thing that Happened to Me

Many people underestimate the value of volunteering, but the reality is that there are numerous reasons why volunteering is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. And if you do your volunteer work in Latin America or in any other country of culture different than yours, this adds even more value to your experience! As Maria, one of our volunteers in Peru said: Be a Volunteer in Peru is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Here are her six reasons.


31 Oct

Volunteer work in Peru: an amazing experience

Monday June 15, 2015 - Posted by
Volunteer work in Peru: an amazing experience

Ingrid van Lamoen

Buenos días mamita! Cómo estás señorita linda?
That´s what I hear every morning when I enter the ‘comedor’ at the home for elderly people in Cusco, Peru, where I’m doing volunteer work.
The ‘ancianos’ are just finishing up their breakfast as I start my volunteer job, so the first thing I do every day is cleaning the tables and sweeping the floor. After this, I join the señora who is in charge of the women´s department, for various chores. For example one day we supplied footbaths for the ladies that were interested. So I distribute hot water bowls, help taking off their socks and shoes and put them on again. Another day we mop the floors inside or outside, or we shower some of them. I help to hand the towels and to help some of the ladies to get dressed. At the end of the morning it is already time for lunch; we serve the lunch and clean up afterwards. (more…)

15 Jun

Reasons for Volunteering in Cusco, Peru

Tuesday June 02, 2015 - Posted by
Reasons for Volunteering in Cusco, Peru

Are you planning on travelling to Peru and stop by Cusco? Why not spending some more time living in this amazing city and have a great experience at volunteer project of your choice! Add meaning to your travels and offer a helping hand to people who will truly appreciate that. There are many different volunteer programs in Cusco that are waiting for you.

Due to the many tourists arriving every year in Cusco, the infrastructure in the city has changed over the years. Especially around Plaza de Armas and the surrounding streets, you can see a lot of modernization and services for travelers. There are many nice restaurants, bars and other public facilities that have a modern touch and remind you of the Western world. (more…)

02 Jun

Mi voluntariado en un hospital psiquiátrico en Cusco Perú

Saturday November 22, 2014 - Posted by

Escogí como lugar para hacer mi trabajo voluntario un hospital psiquiátrico en Cusco (Perú), este hospital ofrece atención médica para pacientes ambulatorios, hospitalizados temporales y residentes. La mayor parte del tiempo, trabajé con un grupo de pacientes hospitalizados temporales, con esquizofrenia, trastornos de la personalidad y trastornos depresivos. Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar junto con un psicólogo; mis horas de trabajo eran de lunes a viernes, desde las 9 am hasta la 1 pm. Pasé un mes como voluntaria aquí.
Antes de venir de mi país de origen (Holanda) terminé mi maestría en psicología médica, así que ya tenía la experiencia de tener contacto con pacientes. Sin embargo, nunca había trabajado con pacientes psiquiátricos, lo que hizo que el voluntariado en este hospital del Perú sea una experiencia totalmente nueva y una gran oportunidad.


22 Nov

My story Volunteering at a psychiatric hospital in Cusco Peru

Tuesday October 21, 2014 - Posted by

I worked as a volunteer in a psychiatric hospital in Cusco (Peru) that offers health care for outpatients, temporary inpatients and residents. Most of the time, I worked with a group of temporary inpatients, with schizophrenia, personality disorders and depressive disorders. I had the opportunity to work together with a psychologist; my working hours were Monday to Friday, from 9 am until 1 pm and I spent one month volunteering here.
In my home country (the Netherlands) I just finished my master in medical psychology, so I had experience with patient contact. However, I never worked with psychiatric patients, which made volunteering in this hospital in Peru there a totally new experience and a great opportunity.


21 Oct
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