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Uruguay: the hidden beauty of Latin America

Volunteering in Montevideo? This is a great option if you want to improve your Spanish while doing volunteer work in Latin America. Why not doing it in Montevideo! You can take Spanish classes in Uruguay in combination with a volunteer project or start right away with working at one of the volunteer projects here. For most projects you need to have a certain level of Spanish however, there are also many where a good level of English is sufficient. When your Spanish level is basic to none, we recommend following the classes at our Spanish School in Montevideo to optimize the communication with locals and make your experience truly unforgettable.

The beautiful city of Montevideo is the capital of the smallest country in Latin America; Uruguay. Because of its small size and surrounded by big neighbors Brazil and Argentina, this country is many times forgotten by travelers. Uruguay only has around 3 million citizens and almost half of them live in the Montevideo. The country in general is very safe and Montevideo has been declared as second safest capital of the world! Since the country offers good and secure living conditions and most people in Uruguay live a quite wealthy life. However, this does not mean that there is no poverty. The costs of living in the country and especially in the capital are very high. The differences are noticeable especially outside the main areas of the city and on the countryside of Uruguay.


if you are interested in Volunteering in Montevideo, there are many opportunities to participate in projects to help the local communities in Uruguay. Think of community development, education, youth work or giving a helping hand in an orphanage or day care. Montevideo is the biggest city of Uruguay and therefore most volunteer projects are situated here. If you are more interested in volunteering at environmental projects, there are also project which are based on helping nature. Since Montevideo has plenty of beaches and is surrounded by water, there are many cleaning and rescue projects. What about help cleaning the beaches from human wastes such as plastic bottles and other rubbish or go and rescue the endangered sea turtles?


It doesn’t matter what your interests are or what you want to do because the capital of Uruguay has it all! Don’t hesitate and book your Spanish classes and/or volunteer work now and start exploring the beautiful city of Montevideo and the countryside and beaches of Uruguay.

For more info about volunteer placements in Montevideo, Uruguay, contact us now.

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