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Length of time in project: 4 weeks

Home Country: Germany
I really liked volunteering at the home for children in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Everybody is very friendly, and the children are nice and appreciate every little help that I give them. At first, I was a bit surprised that the children have to work so hard outside of school on their homework, as they also assist in the orphanage, but it is a team effort, and everybody helps out! I had a very good experience doing volunteer work in Peru.


Project: Volunteer Work in Cusco, PC-SE88, Peru

Length of time in project: 12 weeks

Home Country: USA
My name is Stephanie, I am from the U.S. and I came to volunteer in Cusco, Peru. I have been volunteering with teenage girls who´ve been sexually abused. I have been here for three months and I am about to leave today and I am very sad. My volunteer experience in Peru has been absolutely incredible. The girls that I work with are so strong and so amazing and beautiful and the women, who work in the shelter, are equally as incredible. I am so lucky to have had this experience and to have met all the people that I have met here in Cusco, other volunteers, other students and then of course the people I have been working with. I am incredibly grateful for this experience and appreciative of all who´ve helped me throughout everything.

Monica Haugen

Project: Internship in Buenos Aires, ABA-IN01, Argentina

Length of time in project: 4 weeks

Home Country: Norway
My internship in Buenos Aires has been a good experience. I was very happy that I had to do my work in Spanish because I increased my vocabulary a lot. I have also gained work experience in Argentina. The employees and interns at the company were very nice; they gave me enough work to do, and also gave me feedback on my work. The work was interesting; I performed market research for Argentinean companies wanting to export their products to other South American countries.