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Carolina Neri

Project: Education project in Rio de Janeiro, BR-SE9, Brazil

Length of time in project: 12 weeks

Home Country: Portugal

“I enjoy the volunteer program. My first impressions are positive. I like the volunteer project,and also Rio de Janeiro. I am very excited! Thank you for everything, Latin America”.

Ann Kristin Hamke

Project: Community activities and youth care, VS-CT3, Venezuela

Length of time in project: 4 weeks

Home Country: Germany

"I really enjoyed my time in Venezuela. After having toured around the country to see the beautiful and diverse nature of the Andes, the wetlands of the Llanos, the rainforest in the Amazon and the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, I started my volunteer project in Santa Elena de Uairén. This town is located near the Brazilian border and is situated on top of the mountain with beautiful views.

The local assistance of the staff in Venezuela was excellent. The volunteer work was very diverse and it was great to get to know the kids and their environment. They were all very sad when I finally went home.

I highly recommend this volunteer project in Venezuela to future volunteers. If you show initiative you are sure to have a great time and get a lot out of your experience. I also suggest you to plan some extra time to travel around Venezuela, as it is a beautiful country!”

Aintzane Varela Armendariz

Project: Hospital for Kids, EQ-SE21, Ecuador

Length of time in project: 6 weeks

Home Country: Chile

“I visited Ecuador for the first time in 2011 and immediately fell in love with this wonderful country. As I realized that the country needed help and that I could perhaps contribute, I began looking for volunteer opportunities in Ecuador and stumbled upon the web page of VOLUNTEERWORK LATINAMERICA. They organize volunteer placements in Latin America and have amazing opportunities such as volunteer projects in Peru, work holidays in Chile and volunteer projects in Argentina and other countries, such as Ecuador.

As a nursing student, the volunteer project in the children’s hospital in Quito appealed to me and I decided to apply for this program. I felt I had the necessary tools at hand to help children who are in hospital for a long time, feeling alone and scared.  During my volunteer work in the hospital in Quito I played and talked with the kids, and explained them about the treatment they were being given and talked to them about health in general. I tried to comfort them as much as possible. I enjoyed my work a lot even though it was very emotional as well.

All in all, it has been a life-enhancing experience. As volunteers, we were able to offer comfort and support to the children. I also learned how to communicate with the family members of the children, which has been very important for my professional career in the medical field. For me, working as a volunteer in Ecuador has been an unforgettable experience. I recommend everyone to take the step and dedicate your time and energy to those in need. You will get so much love and happiness back!”