Volunteering in the still undiscovered Venezuela

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Venezuela is a country not yet discovered by the big crowds. Doing volunteer work here is a good way to get to know this hidden jewel. Dos Manos Travel has a great volunteer option in Santa Elena, close to the Brazilian border. Signing up for this project means helping out in community activities and nature projects for kids and adolescents. These young people would otherwise lack educational and creative opportunities. The help of the volunteers makes a huge difference in their lives. Apart from a great help to the kids you will also be of tremendous assistance to the schools. Your help raising environmental awareness and gender equality is much needed.

Choosing to work with children you can teach English, math or science or assist at the music school or arts at the cultural center. More manual work involves carpentry and building. There is also the possibility to work in the theatre and storytelling or sports.

Volunteering in the still undiscovered Venezuela

Instead of directly working with kids you can also help out at the nature program. This involves helping to construct an ecological playground, renovation of rooms and gardens and taking care of horses.

To work at our projects we are looking for people that are enthusiast, willing to learn, dedicated, patient, friendly and love nature. Volunteers work 5 days a week for 5-7 hours a day. During your volunteer work, you will stay at a Volunteer House.

For this project your Spanish doesn’t have to be fluent. Included in the program are up to 10 hours of Spanish group classes a week. The classes are meant to immerse in the Spanish language and focuses on conversational skills. The aim is to quickly enable volunteers to start practicing their Spanish skills while working in our volunteer programs and in contact with locals. The classes have between 2 and 6 participants.

Volunteering in the still undiscovered Venezuela

Santa Elena
Santa Elena is located at an altitude of 900m  – 1000m with a nearly perfect climate (16°-28°C).  It is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a wealth of nature. The region is the oldest geological site on the planet where prehistoric flat topped mountains are like ecological islands with endemic species such as carnivorous plants and lots of natural treasures.

If you are a nature lover, you can eat your heart out in Santa Elena and its surroundings. There are tropical forests, spectacular mountains, rivers and waterfalls. There are many
National Parks in the surrounding areas that you can visit and because the city borders
Brazil, you can also take a trip to the Amazon.

Volunteering in the still undiscovered Venezuela

Hikes into the virgin rain forest can be an exciting adventure and there are trails which lead to a 360 degree sightseeing spot on top of a nearby mountain. You may also like to go horseback riding and discover the savannah or enjoy an excursion to a nearby indigenous village with refreshing rivers, amazing waterfalls or discover an ancient cave nearby. Mountain bikes are available and can be freely used by volunteers.

For more information about Volunteer options in Venezuela, visit our website.

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