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Monica Haugen

Project: Internship in Buenos Aires, ABA-IN01, Argentina

Length of time in project: 4 weeks

Home Country: Norway
My internship in Buenos Aires has been a good experience. I was very happy that I had to do my work in Spanish because I increased my vocabulary a lot. I have also gained work experience in Argentina. The employees and interns at the company were very nice; they gave me enough work to do, and also gave me feedback on my work. The work was interesting; I performed market research for Argentinean companies wanting to export their products to other South American countries.

Debbie Smets

Project: Volunteer Work in Cusco, PC-SE62, Peru

Length of time in project: 2 weeks

Home Country: Belgium
I have very much enjoyed my volunteer work in Peru. After one week of private Spanish classes in Cusco I worked for 2 weeks at an after-school project. I had collected money from friends and family back home in Belgium and bought all kinds of educational material and games for the kids, which they absolutely loved and were so grateful for. The kids were so happy as they now have some other games to play with. They really liked the origami I brought for them and loved me showing them how to work with it. It was great to see how they started helping each other and how proud they were of what they made The last day of my volunteer work they threw me a great party and we took lots of pictures. I loved my volunteer experience in Peru, and I would very much like to come back one day.

Ineke van der Molen

Project: Social volunteer project in Buenos Aires, ABA-SE07, Argentina

Length of time in project: 4 weeks

Home Country: Netherlands

I had a good time during my volunteer work in Buenos Aires and everything went well. I made some creative things with the girls living in the home. I had wooden boxes and decorations with me from Holland and we drew mandala's; it was nice to do something creative with them.