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Rachel Larson

Project: Medical volunteer project in Cusco, PC-SE15, Peru

Length of time in project: 4 weeks

Home Country: USA

I have volunteered at a center for disabled children where I entertained the kids and played with them. Whenever I saw the kids smiling, I felt I was doing something to make their day better, which was great.
I absolutely loved living in Cusco and learning about the culture of Peru. I enjoyed living at the student residence and meeting people from all over the world. I have valued this experience a lot as I was able to immerse myself in a place so different from my home country. All in all, volunteering in Cusco has been a great experience for me!

Diemer van den Berg

Project: Education project in Buenos Aires, ABA-SE11, Argentina

Length of time in project: 5 weeks

Home Country: Netherlands

I am satisfied with my volunteer experience in Argentina. On my first day, after Spanish classes, I went together with the volunteer coordinator to the project for an introduction meeting. I got some easy tasks to do and received information about the project itself. The next days, everything went better and easier day by day and I got more responsibilities. My working days were from Monday till Thursday, 2 hours per day. Every time I arrived, they welcomed me warmly in the Argentinian way. The volunteer work in Buenos Aires was also good for my Spanish. My Spanish knowledge increased a lot because I had to speak Spanish all the time.

Kevin Schliewe

Project: Social project in Medellin, COM-SE4, Colombia

Length of time in project: 10 weeks

Home Country: Germany

My volunteer program in Colombia so far has been really nice. Today I organized for the second time a little football tournament in an orphanage for children and I'll teach English tomorrow in another orphanage.

The volunteer work in Medellin is divided into many different places, with different children, different rules and different procedures. This sometimes makes it, next to my broken Spanish, a bit difficult to contribute one hundred percent. However, I have all the freedom to initiate my own classes and I get all the support I need. By the time I will get to know everything better and little by little I will accordingly also be able to work more on the different projects.

I already met many people and have friendly colleagues and friendly housemates. For next weekend, we already planned some trips in Colombia together, and I am even considering elongating my stay here.